Sustainability & Wellness


We strive to provide our tenants and guests with the highest level of excellence in site maintenance, water and energy efficiency, material selection, and indoor air quality. The wellness of our tenants drives us to make sure all of our properties conform with exceptional standards in environmental health and safety. 

In March 2022, Monday Properties achieved the Fitwel Version v2.1 Certification after earning the Fitwel Viral Response Certification in September 2021. This recognition is just another example of Monday Properties’ overriding commitment to sustainability and wellness-focused solutions for its tenants and visitors.

Following the achievement of the Fitwel Viral Response Module (VRM) certification at the corporate level — which focuses on strategies and policies designed to mitigate viral transmission within an office portfolio — our Fitwel v2.1 certification recognizes our evidence-based design and operations strategies that support the physical, mental, and social health of tenants.

Currently, all of our Northern Virginia operations and property management teams are certified as Fitwel Ambassadors. We’re proud of the work they do to educate others and promote the global healthy building movement. 

As part of the building sustainability effort, annual indoor air quality testing is performed by a trained industrial hygienist using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) sampling techniques ensuring your safety against:

  • Particulates | Copiers & Printers
  • Carbon Dioxide | Poor Ventilation
  • Off-Gassing | Office Machinery
  • Allergens | Furniture, Upholstery, Air Ducts
  • Carbon Monoxide | Central Heating, Water Heaters
  • Chemicals, Solvents & Resins | Cleaning Products
  • Mold & Mildew | Kitchen, Bathroom, Carpet
  • Formaldehyde | Wall Paint, Carpet, Copiers & Printers

In support of our larger ESG performance, we’ve engaged Alvéole to create bee-friendly communities across our office portfolio. This innovative, global company helps reconnect people to nature by installing urban beehives that promote biodiversity in urban communities.

Alvéole has worked with our property management teams by connecting with local experts who help maintain urban beehives and promote eco-friendly environments for these essential players in our ecosystem. Part of this initiative involves hosting community events onsite that educate our tenants about the importance of bees in our environment. Working together with Alvéole, we are committed to making urban agriculture a normal part of city life. Installing honeybee hives at some of our properties is just one part of our broader vision to make cities a better place for all of us to live and thrive.

Monday Properties believes in a commitment to reducing our company’s environmental impact and offers EV charging stations at many of its properties.  With more than 34 Level-2 chargers deployed throughout our office portfolio, we make charging convenient and affordable for our tenants with electric vehicles.

Offering this amenity at our buildings as an employee perk demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and is especially convenient for employees who don’t have access to home charging.

Charging is open to tenants and visitors, free of charge, with a limit of 4 hours per day per customer.