Monday Properties manages its assets with the overriding objective of creating value. The period during which Monday Properties holds an asset involves countless details and critical decisions, and by leveraging its full-service capabilities, Monday Properties has the ability to skillfully implement each investment plan.

Acquisitions & Investment Management

Monday Properties' acquisition strategy is simple and effective: develop or acquire unique assets in dynamic and resilient urban areas. We then enhance the value of these assets by implementing proactive capital programs to reposition properties with the goal of exceeding tenant needs and improving occupancy rates. We use our extensive operating experience to provide tenants with exceptional service while prudently managing cost. 

Our objective is to create high quality, durable cash flows that allow asset values to improve over time. Monday Properties’ approach is highly collaborative, empowering experienced team members to act decisively. We focus the integrated expertise of our senior property management, leasing, and financial services professionals to implement results-oriented business plans. Just as we recognize the practical realities of bringing change to a property, we view asset quality and market fundamentals as the primary rationale driving sound investments. This strategy not only benefits Monday Properties, but also aligns and propels our partners towards success.


As a leading owner and operator of quality real estate, Monday Properties specializes in developing, adaptive reuse, and repositioning of office, mixed use, and multifamily properties in markets with limited supply.

Utilizing expert capabilities honed over decades of development experience, our professionals provide focused and knowledgeable leadership through the full development timeline — from feasibility, entitlements, zoning, design, construction, finance, to leasing and operations. We lead qualified and customized teams of multiple architects, engineers, general contractors, and consultants to the successful completion of complicated projects. The development management services we provide are divided into five distinct components that follow the critical path of a project’s life cycle:

• Pre-development Management
• Entitlement Management
• Building Design Management
• Construction Management
• Stabilization & Lease Up


Our strategy is to be entrepreneurial while maximizing property-level financial performance and implementing value enhancement initiatives.

The primary focus is finding the most efficient use of capital and monitoring overall performance to our investors. Our asset management team develops and implements individual, property-level strategies for our portfolio on both a long- and short-term basis. This includes developing annual business plans and operating budgets, along with expense and capital expenditure management while overseeing various teams like leasing, marketing, operations, and construction management.

This approach ensures that all of our disciplines are aligned with the asset-specific strategic objectives and goals. Business plans are carefully developed through in-depth financial analysis and forecasting local market fundamentals in concert with understanding macro and micro economic factors. All of this adds up to a specific focus on targeting value optimization for our real estate.


Monday Properties' in-house team of specialists manage all aspects of the leasing process — from market analysis and asset plan assessment to market penetration and full lease negotiations. The result is an integrated program of customized leasing and marketing strategies. In addition to our thorough market knowledge, our strong relationships with tenants and brokers are the key to leasing success. Brokers and tenants are familiar with our practices: we honor our commitments, make fair deals, and respond to their specific needs. These efforts reflect our long-term focus on building and sustaining essential relationships which are crucial to achieving the best outcomes.


Monday Properties manages each of our assets with professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional diligence. We encourage assertive collaboration among operations, accounting, leasing, and property management personnel. This professional environment ensures that tenant satisfaction and value creation are at the core of all our decisions.

With an in-house team of management specialists overseeing every aspect of building operations — from engineering, maintenance, and security to accounting and financial reporting — our investment partners benefit from our experience and marketplace relationships. We can leverage economies of scale through portfolio bidding and obtain better pricing through deep and dedicated vendor relationships. Furthermore, our internal integration of investment management and property management teams provides clients with our strategic perspective as an owner.


Financial reporting is an integral part of the investment process for Monday Properties, our institutional partners, and our investors. We believe it’s essential for each owner to know exactly where each investment stands financially. We employ experienced accounting professionals to closely manage, monitor, control, and report on all aspects of our investments, complying with strict institutional capital requirements.

We seamlessly and strategically align our team with client requirements from the onset of the acquisition process. Our financial professionals have extensive experience in transaction accounting including acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring, and refinancing. We produce financial statements on a number of bases including GAAP (historical basis or fair value), accrual, cash, and tax. Our standard platform is MRI Software with Nexus Payables for accounts payables — we also work with Yardi and other platforms. Our financial professionals are not only experienced in handling unique requirements but strive to be the best in real estate reporting and compliance.

Innovation & technology

By implementing meaningful solutions that utilize innovation and cutting-edge technology, we are revolutionizing the way people work and live. Our user-friendly building app, custom virtual touring platform, and touchless access are just some of the many initiatives we have adopted portfolio wide. 

With a team of talented professionals, Monday Properties provides a comprehensive platform for investment management and property operations.

Meet our Team

From a project’s inception to its completion, we’re committed to ensuring that our business model aligns with our goal to preserve and protect the environment. By dedicating ourselves to this vision every day, Monday Properties seeks to develop premier assets with high levels of efficiency that improve communities while preserving our natural resources and conserving energy.