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About us

Monday Properties is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm that owns, operates, and develops a dynamic portfolio of top-tier properties. From multifamily to commercial to mixed-use, we are known for creating cutting-edge solutions that enhance the office, home and everything in between.

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We believe in delivering spaces and buildings that create exceptional environments, experiences, and opportunities. To do so, we invest in long-term solutions to build sustainable and innovative projects that enhance communities.

Tim Helmig
Managing Partner

Over the years, we have received many industry awards that highlight everything from our best-in-class amenity spaces to individuals on the team, who have been recognized for their contributions.

Core Values

By cultivating a unique approach that focuses on forward-looking solutions, Monday Properties has become one of the most distinguished and award-winning property management organizations in the country. Our core values set the bar for our profession and guide all of our business practices. 

Founded on People
Success Through Integrity
Driven by Innovation

Our employees are the cornerstone of our community engagement initiatives. The investment of their time and expertise, paired with their innovative ideas and skillful execution, have made a difference in countless communities across the United States.

charitable organizationS

We are very proud to have partnered with a number of philanthropic organizations, and the list continues to grow! 


Since 1957, Monday Properties has been leading the industry in quality and innovation.