Management Team

Scott Napolitano

Mr. Napolitano is responsible for large construction and capital projects on behalf of Monday Properties.

With over 30 years of experience in mechanical, electrical, HVAC and construction, Mr. Napolitano oversees the engineering team and develops strategies for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the portfolio. His career started with Brunswick Corporation as a mechanical operations supervisor, where he was responsible for rebuilding facilities throughout the east coast. Following the Brunswick Corporation, he moved to Florida and opened up his own HVAC company, which hailed contracts with Dunkin’ Donuts, PODS and Hurricane Wing House. In 2008, Mr. Napolitano made the professional transition to Monday Properties and quickly moved up the ranks to lead engineer. He won three TOBY awards during his first year at Monday Properties, and oversaw the construction for the new 1812 N Moore development. As chief engineer, he managed the 225,000 square foot build-out of the Nestle space, which occurred in 9 months and included a 10 story internal staircase.

Mr. Napolitano holds a DC3rd license, an HVAC contractor’s license and several certifications in the engineering field.

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