Asset Management

From an asset management perspective, our overriding objective is to be both entrepreneurial, while at that same time, maximizing property-level financial performance, and implementing value enhancement initiatives as well as overall ownership investment returns.
 Our primary focus is utilizing the most efficient use of our capital as well as monitoring and reporting our performance to our investors. Our asset management team develops and implements individual, property-level strategies for our portfolio on both a long and short-term basis. This includes developing annual business plans, operating budgets and performing expense and capital expenditure management functions while overseeing various functional groups, including leasing, marketing, operations, and construction management teams. This structured approach ensures that all disciplines within the firm are aligned with the assets specific strategic objectives and goals.

Business and asset plans are carefully developed through in-depth financial analysis as well as adapting and forecasting local market fundamentals, understanding macro and micro economic factors - all with the specific focus of targeting value optimization for the underlying real estate.  

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